Hoa Mai Celebrates the Moon Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration of harvest practiced among the Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, and the Philippines. The intent of the festival is to celebrate three key concepts; family and friends, to give thanks to the harvest for the year, and for religious purposes. With the advances in technology, science, the economy, culture, and religion, traditions have changed over time however, these concepts have remained the same and is the underlying purpose of the Moon Festival. Mooncakes (delicious pastries) and lanterns are some common symbols of the festival.

Hoa Mai children celebrated mid-autumn by making their very own lanterns. The lights proved very fascinating for their curious minds. 8AECA9A2-B3FF-47BA-BA07-C826ECFED918.jpegE55E8847-9E83-4C86-85CC-ACEF041EE3F9