Partnering with City University Enactus

Hoa Mai preschool children have been teaming with City University graduate students and the group Enactus.  This partnership and project, known as Fertilives, has been teaching the children the necessity of preventing food waste. We have also been learning how to earn funds through Fertilives using our daily meal compost at Hoa Mai to make organic fertilizer through worm castings.  Soon the fertilizer will be available for purchase!

The group Enactus will compete in Kansas at Nationals in early May with this project and two others.  The group will also compete with a texting app to assist those in need with resources and necessities.  Their third project is smokeless stoves helping families in Guatemala and Puerto Rico.  We are so grateful for this partnership and inspiration. Please help us cheer on Enactus Seattle representing our community and more at Nationals!!