Hoa Mai Celebrates Halloween

Hoa Mai has been busy and engaged with returning to our program and our successful re-opening in September.  The children are happy and many are excited to be back with their friends.  The children celebrated Halloween with trick-or-treating at the classrooms and our office spaces.  Some of the costumes were a shark, Paw Patrol dogs, My Neighbor Totoro and “the real Black Panther.”  Our team had fun seeing the children in their costumes so joyful, taking a community walk through crisp autumn day and gathering their treats. 

Hoa Mai Welcomes Families for Back to School Night

Hoa Mai recently opened their doors for families new and old to explore the program and interact with the staff. Classrooms were available for tours to discover the children’s learning space.  Parents and children both participated in activities and had a chance to socialize with other families. We welcome our families to an exciting year ahead!