Looking to Enroll Your Child? Start the Process Now!

The fall school year is fast approaching!  To learn more about the Seattle Preschool Program (SPP) please click here:


There is currently a waitlist for the 2019-2020 school year, please learn more about the application process with SPP.  If families are interested in our waitlist for the toddler classroom please phone us at 206-708-6333.


Looking for School-Age Care?

Dragon’s Den, Hoa Mai’s sister-site, is a conveniently located after-school and summer school-age program serving children in Kindergarten through 5th grade. The staff at Dragon’s Den strive to empower children to learn life-skills, utilize their creativity, and cultivate an accepting atmosphere where people of all creed’s and colors feel welcome.

Currently Dragon’s Den is enrolling for their summer program! This amazing 8 week program will feature weekly field trips to places such as the Seattle Art Museum, MoPop, the Museum of Flight. Free lunches will be provided courtesy of the Seattle Meal Program. With each week catering to different themes from “Artsy Antics”, to “Little Scientists” there is sure to never be a dull moment. A plethora of activities that address a variety of learning and play styles will also be available on site so that every child can have the opportunity to play and learn the way they want to.

Feel free to browse their website here.


Partnering with City University Enactus

Hoa Mai preschool children have been teaming with City University graduate students and the group Enactus.  This partnership and project, known as Fertilives, has been teaching the children the necessity of preventing food waste. We have also been learning how to earn funds through Fertilives using our daily meal compost at Hoa Mai to make organic fertilizer through worm castings.  Soon the fertilizer will be available for purchase!

The group Enactus will compete in Kansas at Nationals in early May with this project and two others.  The group will also compete with a texting app to assist those in need with resources and necessities.  Their third project is smokeless stoves helping families in Guatemala and Puerto Rico.  We are so grateful for this partnership and inspiration. Please help us cheer on Enactus Seattle representing our community and more at Nationals!!


Do You Know Our Neighbors?

Located next to the pending Waddler Room in suite 103, the Brazilian martial art, Capoeira, is a fantastic way to get exercise. Offering a variety of classes that span from beginner programs, coaching classes, women’s classes, and also classes for children, Seattle Capoeira serves as the central hub for people who are looking to achieve physical fitness as well as cultural awareness through a variety of classes, exercises, practices, and demonstrations. Sign up on their website for a free first class!


Hoa Mai Celebrates the Year of the Pig!

Hoa Mai hosted a Tết celebration where we took time to appreciate the new year and look forward to the Year of the Pig. Children, staff, and families were invited to watch as the students sang songs while wearing ao dais (traditional garments worn in the Vietnamese culture). Hoa Mai also had other activities for families and children to participate in.  Food was prepared by Tony’s Bakery, a Vietnamese Deli located on Martin Luther King Jr Way S.  What a wonderful celebration it was.  The children were so excited to receive red envelopes!  Chúc mừng năm mới! IMG_6770(1).JPGIMG_6795.jpgIMG_6771.jpg

Inclement Weather Warning

The weather and icy roads in the morning have forced Hoa Mai to remain closed the first three days of this week. Before the closures, children of Hoa Mai were able to enjoy the snow on our building’s rooftop. The children played with one another with joy and laughter, exploring the rare snow fall.

To check for a closure or a delay please note Hoa Mai follow Seattle Public Schools inclement weather policy. If there is a 2 hour delay, Hoa Mai will open at 9:00am. You can hear any necessary updates on our voicemail at: 206-708-6333, after 6:00am. You can reach Seattle Schools daily closure list with the link below.

Seattle Public Schools Winter Weather Listsnow day



Hoa Mai Celebrates Tết

Hoa Mai children and staff celebrated their Lunar New Year with a dragon and lion parade!! Students led a parade (complete with ao đais and masks) from outside of the school by the lightrail station, all the way through the halls of Hoa Mai! The children were then given lucky red envelopes.

Tết, the Vietnamese New Year holiday, is the most important celebration in the Vietnamese culture. This observance is known for the first day of spring and the first day of the Vietnamese-Calendar year. It is typically spent cooking food, spending time with family and giving lucky money to children.