Hoa Mai Community Mural Makeover

Hoa Mai’s neighbor buildings recently received a mural makeover! Faced with a perpetual graffiti problem, 2 years ago the owners of the O’Reilly’s near Hoa Mai had a mural painted on the back of the building and hasn’t had an issue since. In light of this statistic, other neighbor businesses decided to partner with Mt. Baker Hub Alliance and other organizations to create murals all around the corner of Forest and Rainier across from our sand box. Feel free to check out the video and you may see a couple students from Hoa Mai checking out the new art while being painted!

Community Building through Public Art: Mt Baker (Seattle)

Thank You Hoa Mai Voters!!

In April 2018, Mayor Durkan proposed the Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise Plan to replace an expiring education levy. The levy will help close the opportunity gap in order to build a more affordable Seattle. This plan is integral to the success of our young minds at Hoa Mai because it allows the children access to affordable, high quality care and invaluable resources for our program. We at Hoa Mai are happy to announce the levy passed! Thank you voters for helping build the children’s futures.

Hoa Mai Welcomes Back Students

A Welcome Back Event was held at Hoa Mai to help welcome new and returning families.  Catering was provided by Tony’s Bakery.  There was a wonderful turnout with families as they participated in classroom activities, asked questions regarding the program, and met staff.  Families also had the opportunity to sign-up for a library card.  Thank you to our families for attending and we look forward to the year ahead!


Hoa Mai Celebrates the Moon Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration of harvest practiced among the Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, and the Philippines. The intent of the festival is to celebrate three key concepts; family and friends, to give thanks to the harvest for the year, and for religious purposes. With the advances in technology, science, the economy, culture, and religion, traditions have changed over time however, these concepts have remained the same and is the underlying purpose of the Moon Festival. Mooncakes (delicious pastries) and lanterns are some common symbols of the festival.

Hoa Mai children celebrated mid-autumn by making their very own lanterns. The lights proved very fascinating for their curious minds. 8AECA9A2-B3FF-47BA-BA07-C826ECFED918.jpegE55E8847-9E83-4C86-85CC-ACEF041EE3F9

Farm to Table Program Comes to Hoa Mai

Seattle’s Farm to Table program visited the children recently to help promote their partnership funded by the Seattle Soda Sugar Tax. The children were given samples of blueberries and cucumber from two farms in Monroe and also heard a story related to seasons and produce.

Hoa Mai will receive fresh local produce to integrate into the menu and there will also be opportunities throughout the year for representatives from Seattle Farm to Table to visit with children and incorporate lessons about farming, where fruit and vegetables come from, etc. into the curriculum. IMG_2716

Seattle’s Mayor Durkan Visits Hoa Mai

Seattle’s very own Mayor Jenny Durkan visited with staff and students at Hoa Mai Preschool last Wednesday. On the rooftop of the site with Mt. Rainier in the background, she engaged with some of the children and partook in activities like watering the plants and planting flowers with them. Mayor Durkan, joined by Councilman Johnson, Councilwoman Gonzalez, and the Program Center Director, Gloria Hodge spoke on a bill that will go to voters November of 2018 known as the Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise Plan. This levy is important to the families, children, and staff at Hoa Mai because it plays an integral part in delivering funding to the Seattle Preschool Program. Please feel free to learn more about the Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise Plan here. Below are some photos taken during the event courtesy of Tumelius Media.


Senator Patty Murray visits Hoa Mai

During a promotion tour through Washington State that included preschools in Richmond, Longview, and Vancouver; Senator Patty Murray stopped by Hoa Mai preschool on April 5, 2018 to visit some of the students and speak about her new bill, the Child Care for Working Families Act. Hoa Mai’s center director, other staff, and a parent were presented the opportunity to speak with Senator Murray on a few different agendas including; the importance of bilingual learning curriculum’s, the diversity inside of South Seattle and the importance to embrace that diversity and integrate it inside the classroom, how they relate to the importance of equal wages in minority communities as well why affordable, high quality child care is so important for working families. Please see the link below for the full news article as well as some pictures regarding more info on the Child Care for Working Families Act.


Crowdfund Our New Classroom!!!



Thank you for your interest in supporting Hoa Mai Vietnamese Bilingual Preschool. Our program is excited as we prepare to add a new classroom for the waddlers (children ages 12 months to 22 months) to our early learning program located at the Mt Baker Artspace Lofts in southeast Seattle. Hoa Mai is growing for several reasons: parents are becoming more aware of the benefits of bilingual education.  Research shows that bilingual education positively affects brain development in young children. In addition, there is a substantial need in our community to serve this age group. Equally important, we want to strive for families to have an option for a high-quality preschool programming and continuous care before their children enter kindergarten. When the new classroom is available, our team will be able to support the growth and development of these children for several years in Vietnamese and English. The Vietnamese refugee and immigrant population in Seattle is the 3rd highest population in the state, which reflects yet another reason why dual language learning in Vietnamese and English is so important in early childhood education around our region.

Here’s also why we’re asking for your help. According to an International Market Survey conducted by Turner and Townsend, Seattle currently has one of the highest construction costs in the world. The suite where the class will be located is barely 700 square feet. As of now, we are hoping to cap the costs at 125k. These costs will include architecture, HVAC, plumbing, lighting, cabinetry, a diaper changing area, and a storage area for the toddler teaching team. We would greatly appreciate any support you can provide.

We wanted to be strategic with our fund-raising efforts as we apply for grants to assist with the costs. Our goal is for our team to focus on sustaining the high quality of our current program and offering sufficient assistance to the children and families. Please share to help us conquer our goal of expanding our bilingual services to our waddlers waiting for care at the Hoa Mai Vietnamese Bilingual Preschool, a non-profit organization.

Thank you to our good neighbors Seattle Headshot Pro and Indie Genius Media for capturing in the video our daily lives at Hoa Mai.