Hoa Mai Opening Timeline Update

Hoa Mai is ready to open and awaiting paperwork from the state. They have informed us they will finish their paperwork so we can open by December 8th. However, it is possible they will complete their paperwork and process earlier than that. We are hopeful it will be in October or November and will keep registered families up-to-date with news from the state.  For prospective families, we invite you to enroll with Hoa Mai for Toddlers and the SPP program for 3-4 year olds.  Please visit www.hoamaipreschool.org/how-to-apply/.

Soy Bilingue Training

Here are some photos of the Hoa Mai teaching staff from the Soy Bilingue (dual language) curriculum training earlier this month!

Pictured (left to right): Wan Chang, Dung, and Xinh

Celebrate Little Saigon

The Hoa Mai Preschool team hosted a booth at the Celebrate Little Saigon event this past weekend. We teamed up with folks from the Seattle Preschool Program (SPP) to help families enroll into our center.

The Vietnamese Friendship Association (VFA) also received the Community Innovator Award at the event for its work in developing Hoa Mai, the first ever Vietnamese-English dual-language preschool in the Northwest. Thank you, Celebrate Little Saigon for the award!

Hoa Mai at the Mt. Baker Lofts Grand Opening

Yesterday afternoon, Artspace hosted the Mt. Baker Lofts grand opening! There was live music, great food, and an opportunity to tour residents’ studios and the rooftop deck. Hoa Mai was present at this joyous celebration to congratulate Artspace on all the amazing work they have done within the community. James Hong, VFA’s Director of Operations was invited to share a few words about Hoa Mai. Take a look at what he had to say!