Learning Environments

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Our program is inspired by the schools of Reggio-Emilia Italy where the classroom environment is seen as integral in the learning process – so much so that the teachers in Reggio-Emilia Italy refer to the classroom as the children’s “third teacher”.

We strive to create classroom environments that are reminiscent of home – places where all families feel a strong sense of belonging and experience affirmation of their identities and cultural ways of being. We are intentional about the materials, colors, lights, shapes, lines and details that come together to create an inviting, affirming and engaging environment for children and families each day.

Just as children’s learning evolves, so does the environment in our program. Each day we pay close attention to how your child engages in the environment and with their peers and we then add materials to their space to extend or deepen their play. You’ll see that we chose materials, figures and visuals that spark creativity, draw children into new possibilities, invite sensory exploration and develop literacy. You’ll find that we are careful to de-clutter the rooms to facilitate children’s focusing closely and deeply in their work and play.